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14th May 2022

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“It takes money to make money!” That’s the truth, isn’t it?

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Ask any over-worked, stressed-out entrepreneur today what keeps them up at night, worried sick, and they’ll tell you it’s not having enough capital. Because let’s face it…  There’s really only two ways to grow a business. Rock-bottom commercial real estate and equipment values mean only one thing… Your collateral is worth a whole heck of a lot less than before. Maybe you’ve had the experience of being turned-down for a business loan recently because your assets aren’t worth enough to secure business financing.  In fact, even companies with rock-solid cash-flow are getting the shaft by banks. If you just started – or are thinking about starting – a business, you have an even bigger challenge ahead. The days of easy credit for new businesses with little more than a dream and a wish are over.

To understand the problem (and the opportunity it presents for you), let’s look at it from a bank’s perspective. After the U.S. banking system was almost wiped-out in October, 2008, the Feds stepped in to “fix” the situation. And, while the banking system rebounded, the bailouts didn’t come without a few strings attached. 
Namely: fat-cat government bureaucrats would watch their every move.  Even banks that followed the rules and
played it safe were suddenly forced to turn-down otherwise-good applicants because they didn’t look quite “good enough” on paper.

Think about it…  Banks want to lend your business money. It’s how they make money.

The problem is, the rules to getting business credit have changed for good… Only companies that know these New Rules are getting credit…  even brand-new companies! And the reality is…  Most “insider” business credit courses you see advertised today are nothing more than re-hashed tactics that may have worked back in 2008, but they don’t work anymore. When you need business credit to fulfill contracts with clients, advertise your business, invest in new equipment, secure big business deals and open more locations (like most small businesses), following information from 2008 = 90% chance of failure. While it helped, I ran into a brick wall FAST. With my personal credit cards maxed-out and my savings wiped-out, I still needed more money to build my business. I was stuck.  I felt like I owned a gloried job – not a business. Do you know the feeling?

But there was another problem… Because I used my personal credit cards to finance everything, my business
had zero credit history of its own. And to make matters worse, because my personal credit cards were maxed-out, no bank would give me another credit card. I was sinking in quicksand – and sinking fast!

What happened next? My business went from being “stuck” without enough capital to grow and advertise…  To being wiped off the map after a couple setbacks I vowed “would never happen to me.” And my biggest mistake?… Being moronically optimistic!

I didn’t plan for the “what if’s.”  What’s worse – I didn’t have a credit safety-net to keep my business running and push forward when disaster struck. Suddenly, I found myself without my business, holding onto a steaming
bag of credit card debt.  With little income, I couldn’t make the minimum payments and my credit
score dropped like a lead rock to 495. There’s nothing worse… Ever feel like that? I felt sorry for myself for some time.

Until I stumbled across a quote from George Bernard Shaw that changed everything…

“The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and, if they can’t find them, make them.”

Makes sense, huh? Because no matter the economy…. no matter your industry… and no matter your circumstances, there’s always others with similar (or worse) challenges who push forward and prosper in
spite of them. And, in 18 short months, I raised my personal credit score 150+ points and
built a successful new business, because I realized I had two choices…

Choice #1 – Be “stuck” with bad credit for 7 long years.
Choice #2 – Do something to fix it and get on with my life.

I chose #2, and I’m glad I did! In fact, because of my “take-no-prisoners” approach to building (and fixing) credit, I’ve received apology letters from collection agencies! “So what!”…  What does all this mean to you?…
Simply this: When you want to learn the best way to do something, the right way, the first time – find someone with real experience. If your life depended on knowing how to beat the pulp out of a gang of armed thugs in a dark alley, who would you seek out?…  Someone who read a book on self-defense or a Kung Fu black belt?

So it is with business credit? If it sounds like I’m tooting my own horn, forgive me.vBut I can’t demonstrate my expertise without sharing my story. And, fortunately for you, you don’t have to walk through a minefield to
benefit from my discoveries, because now you can…

Why risk getting turned-down for business credit and waste precious time going it alone when you can get this tested plan today! With no-risk and nothing to lose, this really is a no-brainer. Go ahead and click below to get it now while it’s fresh on your mind…

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Click here to get Business Credit Building Course at discounted price while it’s still available…

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