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14th May 2022

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The solar industry is expanding at rapid pace – almost fifty percent annually since the year 2000, and with this growth has come tremendous opportunity for those who are prepared to take advantage of it.
While basic selling skills like prospecting, making good presentations, and closing techniques are foundational in any selling environment, the solar industry demands a unique set of competencies and abilities if you want to become a top performer.

Having spent thousands of hours working for solar companies of various sizes, this book shares the lessons and best practices author, Daniel Howson, has gained as a door-to-door lead generator, a sales consultant, a supervisor, a leader, a manager, and a pioneer for solar power in a number of markets around the country.Discover:
• Why selecting the right company to work for is critical to your success
• What consumers are really looking for when they choose solar
• How to build trust and credibility quickly and reliably
• The secrets for delivering compelling solar presentations• How to deliver the benefits of solar to clients

This book is not simply a “how to” book, although you will learn the tools and methods you need to sell solar effectively. Just as importantly it is a complete guide to developing the skills, knowledge, and mindset that are critically important to leading a successful career in solar.

The solar industry is changing the world and by reading this book you can become a big part of it, building the sales skills to be a top performer, deepening your knowledge, and preparing for a future powered by the sun.

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