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LCD monitor bracket with central bracket and double-link swivel arms

April 8, 2021 2 min read

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Your work situation is unique and important. While you may have found the perfect desk setup in your office, working from home has likely presented unique challenges in trying to find the right setup to maximize your productivity. Much of the problem lies with your monitors. How do you like to orientate them?

You need flexibility. For this reason, we have summarized some of the monitor brackets available in the monitor that you are sure to love.

LCD monitor bracket with central bracket and double-link swivel arms

Photo credit: Manhattan

If you are working with limited desktop space, this monitor mount can help you reclaim that real estate. The bracket is made of durable steel and has a sturdy clamp for quick, easy and safe installation. With fully adjustable settings for tilt, rotation, height and tension, you can create a comfortable and productive viewing position no matter how you choose to sit.

Get the LCD Monitor Mount with Center Bracket and Double-Link Swivel Arms for $ 87.99 (Reg. $ 96), a savings of 9 percent.

LCD monitor holder with double-link swivel arms

LCD monitor holder with double-link swivel arms

Photo credit: Manhattan

This monitor mount offers a secure and elevated position for two flat screens, so you have more space for your desk and workspace. Again, it offers fully adjustable tilt, rotation, height, and tension settings so you can set up a viewing position that reduces stress and promotes productivity.

Get the LCD Monitor Mount with Double-Link Swivel Arms for $ 91.99 (Reg. $ 102), a savings of 10 percent.

Universal gas spring double monitor holder

Universal gas spring dual monitor mount

Photo credit: Manhattan

Do you need something more? This gas spring monitor bracket supports two 17 to 32 inch televisions or monitors. Using gas springs to hold your displays in place requires only the lightest touch to get them into the optimal viewing angles. It is ideal for installation on a large desk and gives you full freedom of movement on your monitors while securing the largest possible desk space.

Get the Universal Gas Spring Dual Monitor Mount for $ 142.99 (Reg. $ 163), a savings of 12 percent.

Subject to price changes.

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