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11th May 2022

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Have you been thinking of new and different ways to add another revenues source to your existing or new business? Do you work with people who need help improving their credit? Would you like to make an extra $5,000 a month part time by offering Authorized User and primary Trade lines to your new clients and existing customers and create a new stream of income for yourself starting right away? This helpful book not only teaches you the fundamentals of attracting the right kinds of clients, but also how to price and sell Trade lines on a regular basis, web site and marketing, to people all over the country, where to locate reliable vendors, create more supplies and secure card holders from your own database of contacts, Your inner circle, and create a income producing machine every month, with an extra $5K a month in your spare time, simply by offering people a service they need and helping them build their credit scores. Author and Publisher, business owner Randolph M. Hirsch walks you through his series of steps, resources, vendors, techniques, and creates a LIFE TRANSFORMATION package for your clients. You may join his program as an Affiliate and then elevate your business in many ways including offering Trade Lines, but in addition to that Aged Corporations. Their complete all inclusive Silver Platter Business in a Box package enables the serious reader to gain new insight, training, support as well as acquire an Aged Corporation for themselves and their clients, build it up, and prepare for business funding in the new competitive climate of 2021.

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