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14th May 2022

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The 12 startups with ideas that want to change Latin America through technology

Microsoft will offer B2B semifinalists up to $ 120,000 in Azure credits and cloud storage as part of Platzi’s Demoday program.

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April 8, 2021 4 min read

This article was translated using AI technologies from our Spanish edition. Errors can occur due to this process.

Platzi, the online learning platform, announced the 12 finalist startups for the seventh edition DemoDay and that they will compete for on April 10th

“The finalist startups are extraordinary. In total, they have had sales of $ 4.6 million in the past six months and have created more than 200 jobs. In addition, they combine the ability to have traction, develop a product and manage it as teams, ”said Juliane Butty, director of startups at Platzi, the online education platform, in a statement.

During DemoDay, startups founded by their students will present their project to investors, experts, and the community itself, including CodeStream, a software development tool company that has pledged $ 50,000 to the top three startups in the competition invest. . In addition, companies such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft or Hubspots Freshwork Program are also allies. Microsoft will offer the top 20 startups in the B2B category up to $ 120,000 in Azure credit, its cloud storage.

The winning team can travel to Silicon Valley and accelerate their business. In addition, you will receive workshops with mentors, founders, executives of successful startups from the region as well as online courses from experts such as Pamela Valdés, founder of, Santiago Zavala, partner of 500 startups or Tiago Sada, ex VP of Growth at Grin and Part of the Y Combinator alumni.

Image: Courtesy Platzi

The 12 selected startups

The 12 selected startups come from five different countries: Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Argentina and Peru. All focus their business models with technology-based solutions on a wide range of problems in the region.

1. Artificial Nerds (Mexico) : They promote business communication with new sales channels based on artificial intelligence, such as chatbots, socialbots and voicebots

2. Ecogreen Mundo (Peru) : Environmental engineering company that uses intelligent logistics to collect waste oil from restaurants, hotels and food companies.

3rd Ecomm app (Argentina) : Platform for SMEs and entrepreneurs that offers analytics and management solutions integrated with Mercado Libre and digital wallets, inventory and electronic invoicing.

4th (Mexico) : Intelligent fulfillment platform for order management from product storage to final delivery.

5. Homely (Mexico) : Platform that connects trusted cleaners with people who need to keep their homes or offices clean.

6th Hoppia (Mexico) : Platform for the simple organization of virtual events with avatars and mini-games in 3D.

7th MisFinanzasPersonales (Colombia) : Platform that helps people change their personal finances with advice, courses and financial simulators.

8th. Nuobond (Mexico) : Comprehensive surveillance that combines clinical records, tests, and results to determine the biological origin of signs, symptoms, or conditions related to mental health. All through algorithms to process information from scientific publications and medical guides.

9. Riqra (Peru) : B2B e-commerce suite for manufacturers and retailers. It supplements the management of the sellers with a B2B online shop so that customers can access 100% of the catalogs and generate their orders around the clock from any device.

10. The food market (Argentina) : Marketplace that connects local food producers with consumers through machine learning to deliver unique and accessible shopping experiences in Latin America.

11. Whataform (Chile) : Nano e-commerce web platform that enables entrepreneurs to sell products or services online and receive customers on WhatsApp in just 10 minutes.

12. WorkUniversity (Colombia) : Platform that connects students with financial resources such as scholarships or job offers.

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