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14th May 2022

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How Your Church Can Raise Money and Attract Major Gifts

While providing increased income and tax benefits to your donors
From: Robert D. Cavanaugh, CLU
Publisher, The Smart Giver

Due to the current state of the economy, both churches and people are experiencing problems. Here’s a short list… I am going to give you all the information, resources and techniques you need to:
The real key is that all the techniques I teach also provide a financial benefit to your church as a by-product.

It’s through a new training course offered by The Smart Giver. The Smart Giver is a 16 issue subscription to bi-weekly charitable giving, financial and estate planning techniques designed to solve these problems.

If you are a senior citizen, how you can double your spendable income from a CD and have more money for food, gas and other essentials.

If you are an individual who finds your home much too big and too expensive to maintain, you’ll discover you how you can sell without a capital gain tax, buy a smaller home or condo for cash and receive a safe, lifetime income.

If you want to save more for retirement, but are contributing the maximum the law allows to your 401(k) plan, you can get up a special retirement plan to save more. It grows tax-deferred and even accepts contributions other than cash, like appreciated stock or real estate.

Are your Social Security retirement benefits being taxed? If so, you’ll discover a way to lower or eliminate this tax.

If you are a business owner, who started a business from scratch, I’ll show you a way to sell your business without a capital gains tax and convert the business into a guaranteed lifetime income.

How to sell a life insurance policy you don’t need any more for more than the cash value. Did you know you can even sell term insurance (which has no cash value) for cash?

How to gift your home to your church and still live in it for the rest of your life. Plus, get a tax deduction that can lower your taxes (thereby increasing your income).

How to pass a 20 million dollar estate to your kids 100% tax-free.

…and many more techniques – 16 in all – designed to increase your income and reduce your taxes.

How to finance your ministries from an aging membership on a limited income.
How to attract current gifts and move from operating in the red to the black and take the financial pressure off.
Charitable giving ideas on how to attract major gifts without affecting current giving.
How to build an endowment fund so that eventually your church is financing your (vastly expanded) ministries from the interest on the endowment investments.
How pastors can sleep better at night know that the church’s budget is not entirely dependent on pledges.
How your church can have a professional, low-key planned giving presentation made to the church’s membership twice a month and see gifts coming in out of the blue as a result.
How your church can do more good because it has more money.


You can continue to operate in the dark – living on a lower income, paying more taxes than you should, paying a capital gain tax when you sell an appreciated asset, being content with an estate plan that shares part of your hard-earned money with the government instead of your children – and a myriad of other less than optimum results – simply by not having information…

If you are a church, you can continue a hand-to-mouth existence, always wondering where the next dollar will come from and hoping that all the pledges will be honored so you can at least break even…

You can have access to cutting-edge and time-tested planning techniques designed to increase your income, reduce your taxes, preserve your estate and help your church financially in the process.

If you are a church, you can have a planned giving technique delivered to your membership on a bi-weekly basis and begin to see gifts come into your endowment fund so eventually you are operating a vastly-expanded ministry from the earnings of your endowment fund.

Q: Will every planning technique apply to my situation?A: No. Every person’s situation is different. It would be unreasonable to state that every technique applies to everyone. However, any given technique may apply to your mother, father, aunt, uncle, brother, sister or friend. Furthermore, your situation may change. The lessons can be archived and may be applicable in the future.
Q: This sounds complicated. I don’t understand all the tax mumbo jumbo.A: What I have done is simplify everything. I use layman’s language, examples that everyone can relate to and simple before and after summaries. My approach is that you just need to know what time it is, not how how the watch is made. If you implement a given strategy, the details will be handled by your professional advisors.
Q: Can I cancel my subscription whenever I want? A: Yes. You pay for your subscription on a month-to-month basis unlike a magazine subscription where you pay for the full term of the subscription. If you feel you are not receiving a value, simply unsubscribe. Of course, all the lessons you have received are yours to keep.
Q: My attorney, accountant, et al, takes care of all this stuff. A: Most of your professional advisors are qualified to help you in the areas I teach. However, my experience over about 40 years is that most are too busy just handling the business they have; many do not feel it is their responsibility to initiate the discussion. Just ask yourself this question: When was the last time your attorney called you and said he/she just returned from a tax seminar, learned of some recent tax changes that may have a bearing on your situation and suggested you get together with them for lunch?
Q: Who is Bob Cavanaugh and how can I be sure he even knows what he’s talking about?A: I just celebrated my 41st year in the financial and estate planning business. I have over 20,000 documented face-to-face interviews with folks just like you.

Over the years, I have worked in a number of markets. Initially I built a clientele of about 400 attorneys. Then I went on to work with business owners with their business continuation, executive fringe benefits and retirement planning needs. I also have worked in the qualified plan arena installing pension, profit sharing and 401(k) plans.

Categorically, I have worked in the areas of taxes, employee and executive benefits, qualified plans, estate planning, charitable planned giving, long-term care, annuities, IRA distribution planning, and post-retirement financial planning.

Q: Our national church has a charitable giving program – why do we need The Smart Giver?A: This is a two-part answer.
For example, I belonged to a well-known national denomination church for eleven years. One time, I put on a panel discussion on the subject of charitable estate planning which included a tax attorney, trust offer and me. In the process of preparing, our minister brought me a planned giving manual published by the national church with the thought it might make the event even more successful.
The manual was fantastic! It contained all the latest techniques and tons of helpful information.
But in all my eleven years of attendance, I never saw the manual, we never had a visit from anyone and the subject of planned giving was never brought up.

Q: How do we implement this in our church?A: One of the bonuses that I provide for subscribers is a report entitled, “Ten Ways to Implement The Smart Giver in Your Congregation Without Spending a Lot of Time or Money.” I want to emphasize there is nothing to learn, no school to go to, or no diploma in planned giving to earn. Implementation is simply communicating the existence of The Smart Giver to your membership. Period. Send people to this web page and let them decide for themselves if they can benefit from a subscription. That’s all there is to it.

Q: Do we need a stewardship/endowment committee to make this work? A: No.

Every churchgoer will benefit by having a subscription to The Smart Giver. Setting a price that virtually anyone can afford gets the information in front of more people and helps more churches build an endowment fund (which helps even more people through expanded ministries). You can unsubscribe any time you want without penalties or hassles.

The most often-asked question I get from pastors is, “The Smart Giver is fantastic! How do we “implement” it in our church”?

Putting The Smart Giver to work in your church is as simple as falling off a log. It’s just a matter of communicating its existence to your congregation. I have put together a second special report that I include as a bonus entitled, “Ten Ways to Implement The Smart Giver in Your Congregation Without Spending a Lot of Time or Money”.
The practical application of the techniques I teach in The Smart Giver by individuals can save hundreds, thousands, even millions of dollars in unnecessary taxes and expenses. For a church, getting the word out to its membership about The Smart Giver is the first step toward building an endowment fund that can fund its ministries in perpetuity. The “Ten Ways…” report gets the church pointed in the right direction.

Try a subscription to The Smart Giver for two months. You will receive four lessons and the bonus plus a couple other valuable resources I throw in for free as well. If you don’t see a value, I’ll refund all your money. And you can keep the lessons, the bonus and the resources.

So, bottom line: Where’s your risk? You have none.

Below you will find a form where you can subscribe to The Smart Giver right now. When you subscribe, you will have immediate access to the first lesson and the bonus.

Yes! Please Accept My Subscription To The Smart Giver!

I understand that upon subscribing, I will have immediate access to the first lesson and the bonus, “Ten Ways To Implement The Smart Giver In Your Congregation Without Spending A Lot Of Time Or Money.”

I understand that The Smart Giver is an 8-month subscription with a new lesson delivered every two weeks.. I also understand that I can cancel my subscription at any time without penalty and with no hassle.

I understand that access to all lessons will be delivered via email, the lessons are provided online and are downloadable. Nothing will be sent to me in the mail.

I understand that the techniques taught in The Smart Giver rely on U.S. laws and that the course is only appropriate for those in the United States.

I understand that I am protected by an unconditional 60-day guarantee. If I am not completely satisfied, I can unsubscribe during this 60-day period and get 100% of my money promptly and courteously refunded with no questions asked.

Under these conditions, please accept my subscription now!

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