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14th May 2022

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Whether you want to start a consulting business from scratch, launch an online coaching business, create a secondary million dollar consulting business out of your practice or scale your existing business to 7 figure and more, this book presents all the required tools and steps to create a successful, million dollar and more, online consulting business. From bootstrapping to scaling, this book will cover all the levels of knowledge you need to acquire to build a million dollar coaching or consulting business.
Slavica Bogdanov covers topics such as reaching the first $10K per month benchmark and leaping to $50k per month, powerful sales scripts, hiring who and when, developing leadership skills, managing teams, finding your niche, becoming an authority figure, using social media the right way, the power of Clubhouse and more. I feel super happy to have completed my 41st book 7 Figure Websites. Anyone here feels like reading it to give me their opinion?
“If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business.” — Bill Gates
Slavica bootstrapped her first million dollar online consulting business in 2013. It took her one year to do it on her own, missing a lot of the vital elements she shares in this book. She learned a lot since and knows how an online million dollar business can be build in less than a year, even from scratch. And she wants to help you do so.Who will benefit from reading this book? I could make a long list of people who will benefit from reading this book. Here is the shorten version.
You are: A coach, consultant, a lawyer, plastic surgeon, real estate broker, insurance broker, financial planner, accountant, into holistic medicine, own a brick and mortar, celebrity, influencer,…
You are:
•Already earning $10,000 or more a month. If you are not, pleas click here and see the bonus section for you:
•At the end of your career and want to exit strategically so you earn passive income or,•At 6 figures and want to scale to 7 figures or,
•An expert in your field or in the midst of becoming one or,
•At the beginning of your career and want to make sure you start off right and not waste any time. I might have omitted a few categories. Basically, this book is for anyone who wants to scale to over a million dollars and create an online business as a first or secondary income stream.
You struggle with:
•Your mindset (thinking like a millionaire, finding creative solutions, doubts and fears…)
•Your self-worth (= net worth)
•Your price point and how to attract high ticket clients•Where to start to launch a consulting business out of your expertise
•Your motivation and momentum
•Your time management and feeling overwhelmed
•Hiring and leadership skills
•Closing sales
•Systems and processes to scale5 times best selling author, international speaker, business strategic and film producer Slavica Bogdanov is a Self Made Millionaire building 7 figure businesses since 2007.

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