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President Joe Biden hits Russia with strict sanctions, expelling diplomats over cyberattack, election interference and “abuses” in Crimea. A senior official says that Biden is seeking a “stable and predictable” relationship with Russia. The United States has now formally blamed Russia for massive solarwinds cyberattack as Biden imposes strict new sanctions. 

Biden’s administration confirms that a Russian agent shared 2016 Trump polling data as a part of their election interference efforts. 
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Today was the first court appearance for the ex-officer charged in the killing of Daunte Wright as city braces fir 5th night of protests. 

Daunte Wright’s mother shares anguish and demands accountability. “Justice isn’t even a word to me… we’re still going to bury our son,” Wright’s mother said. Attorney for Wright family says that they want full accountability and equal justice, City braces for its fifth night of protests. 

Daunte Wright’s father says , “Can you blame my son and anyone else for being scared of the police?” 

Derek Chauvin’s trial moves to closing arguments on Monday. Both sides now are resting after Chauvin declined to testify, invoking his fifth amendment right. The prosecution’s medical expert briefly returns to the stand and says that car exhaust did not kill George Floyd. 

2021-04-23 22:33:43

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