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15th May 2022

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Grand Central station in Manhattan, New York on April 27, 2021.

Grand Central station in Manhattan, New York on April 27, 2021. Ed Jones/AFP/Getty Images

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Monday that MTA subway service will return to a 24/7 schedule beginning May 17, coinciding with a curfew lift.

“Subway trains have never been cleaner than they are now,” Cuomo said Monday.

Beginning May 19, most Covid-19 capacity restrictions will end across the tri-state area, including retail, food services and gyms, according to Cuomo.

Restaurants, museums, theaters, Broadway, retail and shops are all included in the lifting of capacity restrictions.

In New York State, outdoor food and beverage curfew lifted on May 17, Cuomo said.

Indoor food and beverage curfews will be lifted on May 31.

Outdoor large stadiums will go to 33% capacity on May 19, according to Cuomo.

Also in New York State, the governor said they will keep the six-foot social distancing requirement. “Our capacity is subject to the six feet guidelines,” Cuomo noted.

Gatherings of events in New York State may occur in excess of six-foot distance if all people present proof of full vaccination or a recent negative PCR test.

“This is a major reopening of economic and social activity and it is coordinated regionally, which is smart,” Cuomo said.

The governor thanked Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont and New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy for their continued efforts in reopening.

The statewide positivity rate for New York stands at 1.94%, with 37 deaths reported Monday according to the governor. At least 7 million New Yorkers are fully vaccinated, according to Cuomo.

“You follow the science and you follow the data and you disregard the politics, which drove the Covid response in this nation last year.” 

Note: These numbers were released by the state’s public health agency and may not line up exactly in real time with CNN’s database drawn from Johns Hopkins University, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Department of Health and Human Services.

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