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15th May 2022

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Arbery, a 25-year-old Black man, was out for a jog near Brunswick, Georgia, on February 23, 2020, when he was chased down in a truck by three men and fatally shot. Two of the men — Gregory and Travis McMichael — claimed to be conducting a citizen’s arrest and acting in self-defense.

A third man, William “Roddie” Bryan Jr., who recorded video of Arbery’s death, allegedly hit Arbery with his truck after he joined the McMichaels in the chase.

Ahmaud Arbery's death sparked some policy change, but one year later his family still awaits justice

Gregory and Travis McMichael have pleaded not guilty to malice and felony murder charges, and counts of aggravated assault, false imprisonment, and criminal attempt to commit false imprisonment.

Bryan pleaded not guilty to charges of criminal attempt to commit false imprisonment and felony murder.

Federal prosecutors last week indicted the three on hate crime and attempted kidnapping charges.

The state trial will begin at 10 a.m. on October 18 in Brunswick at the Glynn County Courthouse, with Judge Timothy Walmsley presiding.

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