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11th May 2022

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Moms weigh in on the pandemic

“I have struggled to get a full

workday in, ever since the

pandemic hit. And it’s an

interesting shift in my

thinking, right? Because I,

before the pandemic, I

would have said like, ‘Nope,

absolutely not, like work has

to come first, that eight

hours have to get in before I

can do any of the ancillary

things.’ And now it’s like, ‘No,

my, my family has to come

first, to the detriment of our

financial security.’ And I feel

that for moms everywhere,

like even moms … who have

less resources than I have

or less support — like I don’t

know how we are not all in

mental institutions, right


2021-05-10 11:59:03

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