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13th May 2022

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Sboly coffee maker sale | CNN Underscored

(CNN) —  

Dozens of cups into a jittery pursuit to find the best single-serve coffee maker, we found ourselves smitten with the Sboly Single-Serve Coffee Brewer — ultimately naming it the best budget single-serve option on the market. And, right now, you can score the Sboly and a coffee grinder (which we did not test) for just $49.95 using code SBCMSAVE at checkout.

  • Sboly Single Serve Coffee-Brewer ($49.95 with code SBCMSAVE at checkout, originally $69.99;

We love that the machine allows you to brew 6-, 8-, 10- and 14-ounce cups using either ground coffee or K-cup pods — just swap out the grounds basket (no need for a paper filter) or pod basket depending on your choice and push a button to select “capsule” or “ground.” Within three minutes for grounds and 2 1/2 minutes for pods, you have a great-tasting cup of coffee. Of course, when using grounds, a little experimentation needs to take place in order to get the flavor to your liking depending on the size you choose. We found the recommended amount resulted in coffee on the weak side, so we added more the next time to get it to our liking. We also noted that coffee brewed in our 14-ounce travel mug tasted the same — and was just as hot — as that brewed at the smaller cup sizes.

The water receptacle needs to be filled with each use, but easy-to-read water lines make it a cinch to do (we do recommend pouring from a spout as the tank is, you guessed it, small). And to launch the machine’s self-cleaning process, just depress both buttons at the same time.

The coffee itself didn’t quite rise to the same temperature of our other winners, and since it’s made of plastic, the housing definitely is less durable. But for those who have limited counter space or are looking to add their own personal coffee machine to their cubicle or office (practically a must, post-pandemic, right?), this little guy is a wonderful fit.

So, yeah, there are other machines available that will do fancier things and will likely stand up longer to wear and tear. But at $49.95 (with an included grinder), the Sboly will keep you well-caffeinated, allow you to switch between grounds and pods, depending on what’s in your pantry, and is so small you can easily stash it away. Just be prepared to pull it out often — this is a machine you’ll love using again and again.

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