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Amid a currency drop and an exodus of businesses from Russia following the invasion of Ukraine, Russia has proposed a temporary ban on Western companies taking money out of the country through divestments, according to Russian state media. CNN’s Anna Stewart reports on Russia’s “last-ditch attempt” to stop capital from exiting the country.

” data-duration=”02: 55″ data-editable=”settings” data-headline=”Russia to impose capital controls amid exodus of companies” data-index=”idx-0″ data-show-name=”” data-show-url=”” data-source=”CNNBusiness” data-uri=”” data-video-id=”business/2022/03/01/capital-controls-russia-ukraine-invasion-vpx.cnnbusiness” data-video-instance=””>

A Russian ruble coin is pictured in front of St. Basil cathedral in central Moscow, on November 20, 2014.

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Russia to impose capital controls amid exodus of companies

Apple will soon allow iPhone users to unlock, sign in and pay with their faces even if they’re wearing a mask. But how well does it really work? CNN Business’ Samantha Kelly puts it to the test.

” data-duration=”02: 40″ data-editable=”settings” data-headline=”Apple’s Face ID will soon work when you’re wearing a mask. We put it to the test” data-index=”idx-1″ data-show-name=”” data-show-url=”” data-source=”CNN Business” data-uri=”” data-video-id=”business/2022/02/16/iphone-face-id-mask-apple-ios-update-jg-orig.cnn-business” data-video-instance=””>

Apple says the new update focuses on features around users' eyes to unlock an iPhone with FaceID.

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Apple’s Face ID will rapidly work whereas you are carrying a cloak. We attach it to the take a look at

Some Wordle players have complained that the puzzle’s most recent solutions seemed more difficult than before The New York Times took over. The newspaper stated that it would not make any changes, but players discovered that more than one solution to the game exists now.

” data-duration=”01: 59″ data-editable=”settings” data-headline=”NY Times faces controversy after making changes to Wordle” data-index=”idx-2″ data-show-name=”Morning Express with Robin Meade” data-show-url=”” data-source=”HLN” data-uri=”″ data-video-id=”business/2022/02/16/wordle-changes-controversy-new-york-times-mxp-vpx.hln” data-video-instance=”″>

Wordle internet word game

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NY Times faces controversy after making changes to Wordle

CNN’s Nick Watt reports on how the entertainment industry, sports and politicians are cashing in on the cryptocurrency craze.

” data-duration=”02: 56″ data-editable=”settings” data-headline=”Cryptocurrencies take Hollywood, sports and politics by storm” data-index=”idx-3″ data-show-name=”” data-show-url=”” data-source=”CNN” data-uri=”″ data-video-id=”business/2022/02/11/cryptocurrency-takeover-hollywood-politics-sports-super-bowl-ads-ebof-watt-vpx.cnn” data-video-instance=”″>

Coins representing crypto currency of bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, monero, ripple, dash, on a dark background, a pattern of coins. Business, finance and technology concept.

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Cryptocurrencies bewitch Hollywood, sports activities and politics by storm

Samsung has unveiled the latest in its Galaxy smartphone lineup, the S22. It features an upgraded camera and a more powerful battery and processing chip.

” data-duration=”02: 31″ data-editable=”settings” data-headline=”See Samsung’s Galaxy S22 smartphone lineup” data-index=”idx-4″ data-show-name=”” data-show-url=”” data-source=”CNN Business” data-uri=”” data-video-id=”business/2022/02/09/samsung-galaxy-s22-smartphone-mc-orig.cnn-business” data-video-instance=””>


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Seek Samsung’s Galaxy S22 smartphone lineup

Joe Rogan is one of the most popular podcast hosts in the world, despite a series of controversies. CNN Business spoke with a researcher who has studied his appeal to explain why his audience loves him.

” data-duration=”03: 33″ data-editable=”settings” data-headline=”Here’s why Joe Rogan is so popular” data-index=”idx-5″ data-show-name=”” data-show-url=”” data-source=”CNN Business” data-uri=”” data-video-id=”business/2022/02/09/joe-rogan-popularity-zw-orig.cnn-business” data-video-instance=””>

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - JULY 09: UFC commentator Joe Rogan announces the fighters during a ceremonial weigh in for UFC 264 at T-Mobile Arena on July 09, 2021 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

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For that reason Joe Rogan is so standard

Using proprietary tech to 3D print rockets, California-based Relativity Space has dreams of helping build a Mars colony. But they have to get a launch under their belt first.

” data-duration=”04: 10″ data-editable=”settings” data-headline=”Startup jumping into space race with 3D printed rockets” data-index=”idx-6″ data-show-name=”” data-show-url=”” data-source=”CNN” data-uri=”″ data-video-id=”business/2022/02/04/3d-printing-rockets-relativity-space-gr-orig.cnn” data-video-instance=”″>

Relativity Space Terran 1

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Startup leaping into suppose high-tail with 3D printed rockets

Guinness World Records recognized Alex Burkan, a Russian YouTuber, with creating the world’s first retractable lightsaber that you can hold in your hands.

” data-duration=”01: 27″ data-editable=”settings” data-headline=”YouTuber creates world’s first real-life retractable lightsaber” data-index=”idx-7″ data-show-name=”” data-show-url=”” data-source=”CNN Business” data-uri=”″ data-video-id=”business/2022/01/27/youtuber-first-real-lightsaber-orig.cnn-business” data-video-instance=”″>

Alex Burkan

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YouTuber creates world’s first real-existence retractable lightsaber

At CES 2022, held in Las Vegas, major players in smart home tech announced the adoption of an industry standard protocol: “Matter.” This breakthrough allows competitor devices to speak to each other, building a network. We speak to Samsung subsidiary Smart Things about why this step was critical for industry growth.

” data-duration=”03: 22″ data-editable=”settings” data-headline=”Smart homes see big breakthrough at CES 2022″ data-index=”idx-8″ data-show-name=”” data-show-url=”” data-source=”CNN” data-uri=”″ data-video-id=”business/2022/01/24/hnk-ces-2022-smart-home-interoperability-matter-samsung-smart-things.cnn” data-video-instance=”″>

hnk ces 2022 smart home interoperability matter samsung smart things _00001129.png

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Honest properties study gargantuan breakthrough at CES 2022

THOR Industries unveiled two electric RV concepts: a self-propelled Airstream trailer and an all-electric motorhome designed to ease range anxiety.

” data-duration=”01: 22″ data-editable=”settings” data-headline=”Watch self-propelled electric RV you can park remotely” data-index=”idx-9″ data-show-name=”” data-show-url=”” data-source=”CNN Business” data-uri=”” data-video-id=”business/2022/01/21/electric-rv-thor-industries.cnn-business” data-video-instance=””>

THOR Industries

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Seek self-propelled electrical RV that you just can additionally park remotely

What is 5G? It’s a wireless network technology that will change everything from how you use your phone to how self-driving cars navigate. Welcome to the super-charged world of 5G.

” data-duration=”01: 19″ data-editable=”settings” data-headline=”Here’s what you need to know about 5G” data-index=”idx-10″ data-show-name=”” data-show-url=”” data-source=”CNN Business” data-uri=”″ data-video-id=”business/2018/10/03/5g-explained-orig.cnn-business” data-video-instance=”″>

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That is what that you just can additionally merely agree with to know about 5G

Watch how noodles, rice and burgers are prepared and delivered by robots at the Beijing Olympics Village. Journalists are among the early attendees having this futuristic experience.

” data-duration=”01: 07″ data-editable=”settings” data-headline=”Early Olympics attendees eat noodles served from ceiling” data-index=”idx-11″ data-show-name=”” data-show-url=”” data-source=”CNN Business” data-uri=”” data-video-id=”business/2022/01/12/food-robot-beijing-olympics-orig.cnn-business” data-video-instance=””>


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Early Olympics attendees spend noodles served from ceiling

Autonomous racecars competed head-to-head at the Indy Autonomous Challenge at CES. The competition aims to improve self-driving technology for use on and off the racetrack.

” data-duration=”01: 18″ data-editable=”settings” data-headline=”Watch this self-driving racecar goes 173 mph with no human driver inside” data-index=”idx-12″ data-show-name=”” data-show-url=”” data-source=”CNN Business” data-uri=”″ data-video-id=”business/2022/01/10/self-driving-racing-cars-orig.cnn-business” data-video-instance=”″>

Indy Self sustaining Self-discipline

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Seek this self-riding racecar goes 173 mph with out a human driver inner

BMW unveiled this color-changing technology that lets a vehicle to go from black to white within seconds.

” data-duration=”00: 53″ data-editable=”settings” data-headline=”Watch this BMW change colors” data-index=”idx-13″ data-show-name=”” data-show-url=”” data-source=”CNN Business” data-uri=”” data-video-id=”business/2022/01/06/bmw-color-changing-technology-orig.cnn-business” data-video-instance=””>


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Seek this BMW swap colors

The inventors of the Bird Buddy hope their smart bird feeder will expand the bird watching community and help conservationists at the same time.

” data-duration=”02: 16″ data-editable=”settings” data-headline=”This high-tech bird feeder takes bird watching to the next level” data-index=”idx-14″ data-show-name=”” data-show-url=”” data-source=”CNN” data-uri=”″ data-video-id=”business/2022/01/06/ces-bird-watching-camera-bird-buddy-gr-orig.cnn” data-video-instance=”″>

The Bird Buddy smart bird feeder

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This high-tech bird feeder takes bird watching to the next level

At the CES conference in Las Vegas, Sony says it is planning to launch a new electric vehicle company. It also reveals a new electric SUV prototype, VISION-S 02.

” data-duration=”01: 23″ data-editable=”settings” data-headline=”Sony explores steering into EV market” data-index=”idx-15″ data-show-name=”” data-show-url=”” data-source=”CNN Business” data-uri=”” data-video-id=”business/2022/01/05/sony-enters-ev-market-orig.cnn-business” data-video-instance=””>


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Sony explores guidance into EV market



has stopped promoting all of its merchandise in Russia ensuing from the invasion of Ukraine, the firm introduced Tuesday.

The firm acknowledged in a tell that it is some distance “deeply concerned” about the Russian invasion and that in response, it has “paused all product sales” within the country. Apple also acknowledged it has moved to limit safe admission to to digital services, corresponding to Apple Pay, inner Russia, and restricted the provision of Russian suppose media applications outdoors the country.

“Last week, we stopped all exports into our sales channel within the country. Apple Pay and a bunch of services agree with been microscopic. RT Data and Sputnik Data are no longer any longer accessible for receive from the App Retailer outdoors Russia,” Apple acknowledged. “And we agree with now disabled each traffic and are residing incidents in Apple Maps in Ukraine as a security and precautionary measure for Ukrainian voters.”

Apple’s choice comes as tech companies agree with faced increasing public stress to behave in opposition to Russia. The Ukrainian authorities final week had asked Apple to end offering its app store in Russia, but some security and democracy consultants acknowledged that that could perchance injure Russian users who are protesting the Kremlin and who rely upon Western instruments to prepare.

Fb, YouTube and Twitter agree with all begun cracking down on order shared by Russian media amid intensifying stress from European officials to behave in opposition to skilled-Russian propaganda. Netflix also acknowledged it is some distance refusing to air Russian suppose TV channels within the country.

Following news of Apple’s choice on Tuesday, Ukraine’s Minister of Digital Transformation Mykhailo Fedorov tweeted that Apple CEO Tim Put together dinner must “get the job” and yet again urged the firm to “block” safe admission to to its app store in Russia.