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13th May 2022

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Dee Snider is OK with Ukrainians the bid of his atomize hit as a battle cry

Anti-maskers? Fully no longer, he says.

In a tweet, the singer allowed the bid of his song and explained why.

    “I fully approve of Ukrainians the bid of ‘We’re Now not Gonna Opt It’ as their battlecry,” the rocker tweeted. “My grandfather was once Ukrainian, earlier than it was once swallowed up by the usa after WW2. This can’t happen to these other folks all once more!”

      Nevertheless that favor does no longer lengthen to anti-maskers, he said, emphasizing that people dismissing public safety measures will have to tranquil no longer blast the standard tune to narrate defiance.

        “Folks are asking me why I counseled the bid of ‘We’re Now not Gonna Opt It’ for the Ukrainian other folks and did no longer for the anti-maskers,” he tweeted this week. “Effectively, one bid is for a righteous battle against oppression; the other is a infantile feet stomping against an wretchedness.”

        Snider has been outspoken with his criticism of Russian President Vladimir Putin, and last week, he shared an broken-down record of himself carrying a button that said, “Russia sucks.”

          “Holy Crap! I’m I if fact be told carrying that pin in what appears to be like devour about 1978?! (My Ukrainian grandpa would have been so proud!),” he tweeted.

          Snider has said he’s overwhelmed by the response to his tweet allowing bid of his song by Ukrainians.

          “The accumulate away for me is most other folks deem the anti-maskers are whining babies and make stronger the Ukrainian other folks of their fearless battle against TRUE oppression,” he wrote.

          In 2020, a buyer shared a video inner a Goal store exhibiting possibilities chanting “we’re no longer gonna accumulate it anymore!” and “accumulate it off!” At the time, Snider said the team would no longer have his permission to make bid of the song for “their moronic trigger.”

            Russia invaded neighboring Ukraine about per week previously, prompting Ukrainians to build up in palms and battle reduction. Better than half of 1,000,000 refugees have fled Ukraine, in accordance to the UN.

            Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has told US President Joe Biden to give a gentle message about Russia’s invasion at some level of his Articulate of the Union address.

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