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14th May 2022

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One fight in Kharkiv reveals how Ukraine is combating back in opposition to the Russian invasion

By Paul P. Murphy, Katie Polglase, Gianluca Mezzofiore, Tim Lister, Josh Pennington and Ivana Kottasov√°, CNN

Updated 7: 25 AM ET, Tue March 1, 2022

Kyiv, Ukraine (CNN)Ukraine’s 2d largest city, Kharkiv, is believed to discover been one of the necessary invading Russian navy’s first strategic targets. Home to 1.4 million folk, it is found decrease than 20 miles from the Russian border, in northeast Ukraine.

It turned into approached by Russian troops at this time after the invasion started last Thursday, but for three days, Ukrainian forces held the Russians at bay.

Then, on Sunday, Russian troops entered the town basically based on the intention’s governor, Oleh Synehubov.

What occurred subsequent provides clues to the fierce resistance Russian troopers are meeting in Ukraine’s cities and cities — and to why they’ve no longer yet developed as rapid as specialists in the origin feared they would.

“The Armed Forces of Ukraine are getting rid of the enemy,” Synehubov reassured the residents of Kharkiv that day.

Videos uploaded to social media give a rare peek of the clashes on the town’s streets.

One sequence of videos uploaded to social media demonstrate an try by a Russian unit to reach in direction of a extraordinarily necessary airfield and arms manufacturing unit in the northeast of Kharkiv. The airfield, on the Kharkiv Issue Airplane Manufacturing Company, is exiguous — qualified a single runway — but could very neatly be a helpful bridgehead for the Russians.

CNN has geolocated and verified the authenticity of the videos.

The main video, taken by a resident, reveals a convoy of Russian troops surrounding navy vehicles, creeping along a roadway that ends discontinuance to the airfield.

“There are two [military vehicles] thus far as I will detect,” any individual says in the video. “A third one is crawling thru with infantry with computerized weapons, getting willing.”

With out warning, gunfire is heard and seen. A Russian soldier kneels rapid and fires a shoulder-launched rocket in direction of the gap the set the gunfire seems to be coming from.

A 2d video, taken after the firefight, reveals the navy vehicles reversing in an obvious retreat. The Russian troops are seen huddled in the back of their vehicles.

A Reuters journalist who went to the positioning after the firefight shot video showing one of the necessary Russian vehicles from the navy convoy abandoned and a necessary quantity of blood staining the snow on the bottom within reach.

The Reuters journalist spoke with a resident, identified as Yevgeniy, who knowledgeable them that no decrease than one Russian soldier had been killed there.

“After we now discover killed this one the others escape away,” Yevgeniy knowledgeable Reuters, pointing to a patch of blood in the snow. He tells the journalist there discover been between 12 and 15 folk in the team.

“They could perchance no longer purchase Kharkiv,” he insists. “They’ve escape back to the set they got right here from. They would not discover lawful navigation you detect. Nothing works for them. They got right here and had been hiding in the back of the homes.”

The troops’ efforts to retreat appear to discover been stopped by one other attack. A convoy of vehicles — of the equal style as these seen in the outdated clips — is seen on fire in a single other video.

“This is how we greet the b*tch Russian army,” any individual is heard shouting in the video. “Attain right here and blindfold him. And this might perchance occasionally seemingly perchance happen to any individual who involves us right here on Kharkiv soil.”

Or no longer it is now not doable to train definitively that the Russian vehicles seen on fire are the equal as these filmed attempting to reach the airport, but they’re in the equal situation, are the equal style, and undergo the equal markings.

One other video it seems taken in a while the positioning of the abandoned navy convoy — the vehicles are no longer any longer on fire — reveals Ukrainian troops participating.

Amid the firefight, a Ukrainian soldier steps out from the wall and is seen firing a shoulder-launched rocket.

Staring on the video, retired Gen. Ticket Hertling, national security and army analyst for CNN, talked about the Ukrainian unit turned into outfitted with rocket-propelled grenades.

“You detect that force, that exiguous squad there of about 10 guys, the man up furthest far from us is repeatedly firing rocket-propelled grenades, he’s fired by my rely about 5 of them, he’s handing off the launcher to one other man, they’re reloading and he’s willing to shoot yet again,” he talked about.

“And each person else, you survey on the icy, soundless, mute methodology by these troopers below fire, they’re no longer afraid, they’re willing to kick some butt,” he added.

Later, one other video reveals Ukrainian troops spherical the convoy, showing to rummage thru the abandoned vehicles. Sporadic gunfire is heard and some Ukrainian forces switch along a wall in the background.

“Slava Ukraini,” says any individual in the video (“glory to Ukraine”).

Swift response

However on Monday, Russian troops returned to the northeastern suburbs of Kharkiv and renewed their attack on the town.

Extra than one social media videos geolocated by CNN demonstrate rockets exploding closely collectively in a residential space of the Saltivka neighborhood, discontinuance to a grocery store. One showed a rocket booster lodged in the avenue pavement, as civilians regarded on.

“Or no longer it’s more hellish in Kharkiv on the present time than it turned into the outdated day,” talked about Ukraine’s Prosecutor Total Iryna Venediktova, posting on Facebook.

Per Kharkiv Metropolis Council, the latest shelling left one female civilian tedious, and 31 folk — 15 servicemen and 16 civilians — wounded.

In contemporary days, the town council has recorded seven fatalities — two servicemen and 5 civilians — and 44 wounded, including 20 servicemen.

“Kharkiv has qualified been subjected to massive Grad shelling! Dozens of victims,” Anton Gerashchenko, an advisor to Ukraine’s Ministry of Interior Affairs, talked about Monday describing the predicament there as “a nightmare.”

    Russia maintains that it would now not purpose civilians.

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