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12th May 2022

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Zelensky urges Biden to ship sturdy message on Russia and says: ‘I’m not iconic. Ukraine is iconic’

Kyiv, Ukraine (CNN)Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has advised US counterpart Joe Biden to bring a sturdy and “valuable” message about the Russian invasion at his Insist of the Union speech on Tuesday, in an genuine interview with CNN and Reuters from the bunker in Kyiv wherein he’s leading his militia’s response.

In the rare interview on Tuesday afternoon, Zelensky talked about that as long as Moscow’s attacks on Ukrainian cities persisted, shrimp progress would possibly possibly possibly be made in talks between the two nations.

“You would possibly want to communicate initially. All people has to cease combating and to circulation [back] to that time from the attach it started five, six days within the past,” Zelensky talked about. “Or not it’s miles foremost to cease bombing other folks and then we are in a position to circulation on and sit on the negotiation table.”

    Asked if he felt Ukraine used to be wasting its time by talking with Russia, he talked about: “We will gape.” Officers from the two international locations met for the first time on Monday since Russia’s invasion started final week.

      Sooner than Biden’s speech in Congress on Tuesday, Zelensky advised the President to provoke upon American citizens the urgency and implications of Russia’s invasion.

        “He is one amongst the leaders of the world and it’s terribly crucial that the other folks of the US realize (that) even despite the fact that the warfare is in Ukraine … it’s [a] warfare for the values of democracy, freedom,” Zelensky talked about.

        Zelensky reiterated requires the US and NATO to establish a no-cruise zone over Ukraine or build boots on the ground. “I’ve already addressed and (spoken) to some Western leaders with this ask, attributable to I terminate assume that leaders terminate must purple meat up democratic international locations they customarily must wait on them.”

          “After we focus on no-cruise (zones), we’re attempting abet into history … and that does not point out that we must contrivance another country into the warfare. And, frankly, , each person is drawn into the warfare now.”

          “I’ve spoken to Biden time and again,” Zelensky talked about. “And I’ve told them time and again that Ukraine will face up to and fight stronger than somebody else however on our have against Russia we won’t location up it.”

          “For that reason if somebody desires to wait on us, all people has to behave impulsively,” Zelensky added. “Here’s the moment.”

          The US and NATO allies have aided Ukraine by sharing arms, militia instruments and intelligence, whereas additionally imposing dramatic sanctions on Russia. But the alliance has up to now made obvious it has no plans to ship soldiers into Ukraine, which will not be a NATO member.

          Zelensky additionally predicted troubles in NATO member states if Russia seizes regulate of his country. “If Ukraine fails, then all these troops will be at your borders, Poland, Lithuania … and you would possibly possibly possibly even be facing increased considerations. There’ll be other provocations there,” he talked about.

          ‘The field can’t lose Ukraine’

          As CNN and Reuters met with Zelensky interior his Kyiv bunker, the capital — in conjunction with cities across Ukraine — braced for a renewed and intensified assault by Russian forces.

          Rockets were fired reach a TV tower on Tuesday afternoon, hours after Russia warned of “high-precision” strikes on other facilities linked to Ukrainian security companies. The rocket assault took out broadcasting hardware, elevating fears that Russia is making an strive to knock out the city’s communications infrastructure, Ukraine’s Ministry of Within Affairs talked about.

          Zelensky told CNN on Tuesday that Russia used to be indiscriminately attacking Ukrainian voters and ancient landmarks.

          “As you would possibly possibly possibly also gape, no one is being very cautious about the targets. We gape the teens are being killed … We are defending our honest for lifestyles,” he talked about, adding that Moscow is “launching their missiles against the feeble passe Kyiv, the coronary heart of Kyiv.”

          He spoke triumphantly of Ukraine’s resistance, and talked about of Russian soldiers: “They haven’t got any knowing what they [are] doing. They do not know our streets. They do not know this other folks. They don’t realize our philosophy. Our mentality, our aspirations, what kind of other folks right here they’ve, they know nothing.

          “They’re genuine sent to waste and die,” Zelensky talked about.

          Kyiv hit with rockets near TV tower hours after Russia threatened 'high-precision' strikes

          Because the rockets hit Kyiv on Tuesday, a 40-mile Russian convoy of tanks, armored vehicles and towed artillery used to be headed towards the Ukrainian capital, per satellite tv for laptop pictures from Maxar Applied sciences, whereas the militia beefed up its attacks on other key cities.

          Attacks have additionally hit Ukraine’s second city, Kharkiv. Better than 20 other folks were injured, including a shrimp bit one, in an explosion at a govt building there, Ukraine’s Insist Emergency Service talked about in a Telegram post Tuesday.

          Russia’s actions on Tuesday imprint a miles much less restrained bombing marketing campaign, elevating considerations that extra civilians would possibly possibly possibly be hit in strikes. The UN says that not much less than 102 civilians were killed across the country and 304 injured, despite the fact that these figures are likely to underestimate the factual toll.

          Zelensky has drawn global praise for his response to the invasion, having refused supplies to evacuate and as an different handing over frequent messages to Ukrainians as Kyiv comes below Russian assault.

          Earlier on Tuesday he obtained a standing ovation for an emotional contend with to the European Parliament by the usage of video hyperlink, telling delegates: “We are combating for our lifestyles.”

          Asked by CNN about his transformation from funny actor to world-illustrious wartime chief, Zelensky spoke back: “Or not it’s very serious, or not it’s not a film … I’m not iconic, I mediate Ukraine is iconic.”

            “Ukraine is the coronary heart of Europe, and now I mediate Europe sees Ukraine is something special for this world,” he added. “For that reason [the] world can’t lose this something special.”

            The Ukrainian chief regarded tired and burdened however used to be friendly with crews from CNN and Reuters. He talked about he hadn’t considered his family for 3 days; asked what his identical old days are like, he talked about: “Work and sleep.”

            Matthew Likelihood reported from Kyiv; Eradicate Picheta wrote from London.

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