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With nearly 46 billion robocalls made in the US in 2020, CNN Business explains what’s really going on with the fake number on your caller ID.

” data-duration=”02: 11″ data-editable=”settings” data-headline=”Robocalls are an epidemic. Here’s why there’s no quick fix” data-index=”idx-0″ data-show-name=”” data-show-url=”” data-source=”CNN Business” data-uri=”archive.cms.cnn.com/_components/video-resource/instances/h_4e9eb0cdd52cafa491b23f106dbff010-h_e904989fb88bcc59472e048e99a6ddb4@published” data-video-id=”business/2019/05/14/how-robocalls-work-explainer-orig.cnn-business” data-video-instance=”archive.cms.cnn.com/_components/video-resource/instances/h_4e9eb0cdd52cafa491b23f106dbff010-h_e904989fb88bcc59472e048e99a6ddb4@published”>

CNN characterize illustration/John In style

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Robocalls are a scourge. Here is why there is no speedily repair

Inflation is making it harder for food banks across the US to meet the needs of people seeking some respite from the rising cost of groceries and other supplies. CNN’s Gabe Cohen has more.

” data-duration=”02: 42″ data-editable=”settings” data-headline=”Food bank demand skyrockets as cash-strapped Americans seek help over inflation” data-index=”idx-1″ data-show-name=”New Day” data-show-url=”https://www.cnn.com/shows/new-day” data-source=”CNN” data-uri=”archive.cms.cnn.com/_components/video-resource/instances/h_a7c58660803488da9a51c6e2b3f52867″ data-video-id=”business/2022/07/25/food-bank-demand-donations-inflation-cohen-pkg-newday-vpx.cnn” data-video-instance=”archive.cms.cnn.com/_components/video-resource/instances/h_a7c58660803488da9a51c6e2b3f52867″>

St. Mary’s Food Financial institution

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Food bank inquire of skyrockets as money-strapped People seek for assist over inflation

Daryl Fairweather, chief economist for Redfin, explains to “Nightcap’s” Jon Sarlin the mixed messages in the housing market and what’s next for home prices. To get the day’s business headlines sent directly to your inbox, sign up for the Nightcap newsletter.

” data-duration=”01: 53″ data-editable=”settings” data-headline=”Time to buy? Time to sell? The housing market, explained” data-index=”idx-2″ data-show-name=”” data-show-url=”” data-source=”CNN” data-uri=”archive.cms.cnn.com/_components/video-resource/instances/h_190e4c68a4f36b1e392c8e4bcef260f7″ data-video-id=”business/2022/07/21/nightcap-sales-housing-market-clip-orig.cnn” data-video-instance=”archive.cms.cnn.com/_components/video-resource/instances/h_190e4c68a4f36b1e392c8e4bcef260f7″>

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Time to rob? Time to sell? The housing market, explained

In an attempt to get inflation under control, the European Central Bank announced it would hike its key interest rate by a half percentage point. CNN’s Clare Sebastian explains the significance of the move and what could happen next.

” data-duration=”02: 14″ data-editable=”settings” data-headline=”European Central Bank makes big move with rare interest rate hike” data-index=”idx-3″ data-show-name=”” data-show-url=”” data-source=”CNN” data-uri=”archive.cms.cnn.com/_components/video-resource/instances/h_e1e82dfcadfdb3aed0d060fc064da816″ data-video-id=”business/2022/07/21/european-central-bank-interest-rates-hike-ecb-firstmove-vpx.cnn” data-video-instance=”archive.cms.cnn.com/_components/video-resource/instances/h_e1e82dfcadfdb3aed0d060fc064da816″>

A picture taken on October 26, 2017 shows the building of the European Central Bank (ECB) in Frankfurt am Main, western Germany.
European Central Bank chief Mario Draghi said the eurozone economy still relied on

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European Central Financial institution makes massive lumber with rare hobby charge hike

Chief executives at top US companies are earning a lot more, millions more, than their employees. CNN’s Vanessa Yurkevich reports.

” data-duration=”02: 21″ data-editable=”settings” data-headline=”‘Striking pay gap:’ Top US company CEOs earn this much more than their average employees” data-index=”idx-4″ data-show-name=”The Lead” data-show-url=”https://www.cnn.com/shows/the-lead” data-source=”CNNBusiness” data-uri=”archive.cms.cnn.com/_components/video-resource/instances/h_91be311a3c765af1334f321a2b5e8f71″ data-video-id=”business/2022/07/20/ceo-salary-and-employee-pay-gap-top-companies-amazon-yurkevich-the-lead-vpx.cnnbusiness” data-video-instance=”archive.cms.cnn.com/_components/video-resource/instances/h_91be311a3c765af1334f321a2b5e8f71″>

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‘Striking pay gap:’ High US company CEOs develop this mighty bigger than their moderate workers

Nord Stream 1, the biggest single pipeline supplying Europe with Russian gas, has resumed operation after a planned maintenance. CNN’s Clare Sebastian explains why the pipeline is so important.

” data-duration=”02: 55″ data-editable=”settings” data-headline=”Nord Stream 1 makes Europe more reliant on Russian gas. Here’s why” data-index=”idx-5″ data-show-name=”” data-show-url=”” data-source=”CNN” data-uri=”archive.cms.cnn.com/_components/video-resource/instances/h_d37b7303c6d77cacc4f9cf40fd3fb464″ data-video-id=”business/2022/07/21/nord-stream-1-explainer-sebastian-pkg-intl-hnk-vpx.cnn” data-video-instance=”archive.cms.cnn.com/_components/video-resource/instances/h_d37b7303c6d77cacc4f9cf40fd3fb464″>

The sun rises behind the pipe systems and shut-off devices at the gas receiving station of the Nord Stream 1 Baltic Sea pipeline and the transfer station of the OPAL gas pipeline, Baltic Sea Pipeline Link, in Lubmin, Germany, Monday, July 11, 2022. The Nord Stream 1 pipeline, Germany's main source of Russian gas, is scheduled to be out of action until July 21, 2022, for routine work. The operator said the gas flow was reduced progressively starting at 6 a.m.

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Nord Movement 1 makes Europe extra reliant on Russian gasoline. Here is why

Netflix is launching its advertising supported service in early 2023. Mark Mahaney, Head of Internet Research of Evercore ISI, discusses why the move could help reverse customer loss as Netflix tries to adapt to slower overall growth.

” data-duration=”01: 55″ data-editable=”settings” data-headline=”Could Netflix’s ad-supported plan free the company from the ‘value trap’?” data-index=”idx-6″ data-show-name=”” data-show-url=”” data-source=”CNN Business” data-uri=”archive.cms.cnn.com/_components/video-resource/instances/h_c5962363ae55ce5ae36a7add9206e803″ data-video-id=”business/2022/07/20/netflix-ad-service-markets-now.cnn-business” data-video-instance=”archive.cms.cnn.com/_components/video-resource/instances/h_c5962363ae55ce5ae36a7add9206e803″>


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Could perchance Netflix’s ad-supported opinion free the corporate from the ‘price trap’?

‘Law & Order: Special Victims Unit’ actor Christopher Meloni stars in a new ad for Peloton as the company struggles to remain afloat.

” data-duration=”01: 13″ data-editable=”settings” data-headline=”See ‘Law & Order’ star’s nude Peloton commercial” data-index=”idx-7″ data-show-name=”New Day” data-show-url=”https://www.cnn.com/shows/new-day” data-source=”CNNBusiness” data-uri=”archive.cms.cnn.com/_components/video-resource/instances/h_8798752ce7242a6820d54e50383fd2f5″ data-video-id=”business/2022/07/15/peloton-ad-christopher-meloni-law-and-order-newday-vpx.cnnbusiness” data-video-instance=”archive.cms.cnn.com/_components/video-resource/instances/h_8798752ce7242a6820d54e50383fd2f5″>


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Look ‘Regulation & Say’ celebrity’s nude Peloton industrial

CNN’s Pete Muntean breaks down new air traffic analysis showing where flight cancellation issues in are the worst in the nation.

” data-duration=”01: 52″ data-editable=”settings” data-headline=”See which airports lead the nation in flight cancellations” data-index=”idx-8″ data-show-name=”New Day” data-show-url=”https://www.cnn.com/shows/new-day” data-source=”CNN” data-uri=”archive.cms.cnn.com/_components/video-resource/instances/h_f91b0b27a8e15626e90623d45318b2f7″ data-video-id=”business/2022/07/15/airport-flight-cancellations-travel-muntean-dnt-newday-vpx.cnn” data-video-instance=”archive.cms.cnn.com/_components/video-resource/instances/h_f91b0b27a8e15626e90623d45318b2f7″>

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Look which airports lead the nation in flight cancellations

China’s zero-Covid policy has inflicted devastating economic pain as unemployment is soaring and people aren’t earning as much. Even saving money has become a risky bet. CNN’s Selina Wang speaks to a man who fears he’s lost his entire family’s life savings.

” data-duration=”03: 58″ data-editable=”settings” data-headline=”‘I’m losing my mind’: Chinese depositor loses life savings in bank” data-index=”idx-9″ data-show-name=”” data-show-url=”” data-source=”CNN” data-uri=”archive.cms.cnn.com/_components/video-resource/instances/h_ccaf244567da569cfbd4a4defa2aae0e” data-video-id=”business/2022/07/15/china-economy-covid-wang-henan-bank-pkg-intl-hnk-vpx.cnn” data-video-instance=”archive.cms.cnn.com/_components/video-resource/instances/h_ccaf244567da569cfbd4a4defa2aae0e”>

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‘I’m shedding my mind’: Chinese language depositor loses lifestyles savings in bank

After Hannah Williams found out she was being underpaid, she created the TikTok “Salary Transparent Street” and started asking strangers to reveal their salaries.

” data-duration=”03: 04″ data-editable=”settings” data-headline=”People are revealing their salaries to this TikTok star. Would you?” data-index=”idx-10″ data-show-name=”” data-show-url=”” data-source=”CNN Business” data-uri=”archive.cms.cnn.com/_components/video-resource/instances/h_5e32512a919704184dd8aacaf271dd78″ data-video-id=”business/2022/07/13/tiktok-salary-transparency-hannah-williams-ah-orig.cnn-business” data-video-instance=”archive.cms.cnn.com/_components/video-resource/instances/h_5e32512a919704184dd8aacaf271dd78″>

Hannah Williams/TikTok/Graphics by John In style for CNN

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Folks are revealing their salaries to this TikTok celebrity. Would you?

Scott Galloway explains to “Nightcap’s” Jon Sarlin why Elon Musk is not off the hook for his $44B deal with Twitter. To get the day’s business headlines sent directly to your inbox, sign up for the Nightcap newsletter.

” data-duration=”01: 38″ data-editable=”settings” data-headline=”Business professor says that Elon Musk is on the hook for $45 billion” data-index=”idx-11″ data-show-name=”” data-show-url=”” data-source=”CNN” data-uri=”archive.cms.cnn.com/_components/video-resource/instances/h_2fce070ddc45d07671b0ba9c59566cfa” data-video-id=”business/2022/07/14/nightcap-twitter-elon-musk-clip-orig.cnn” data-video-instance=”archive.cms.cnn.com/_components/video-resource/instances/h_2fce070ddc45d07671b0ba9c59566cfa”>

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Exchange professor says that Elon Musk is on the hook for $45 billion

The Consumer Price Index for June shows prices jumped by 9.1% year-over-year. CNN’s Matt Egan breaks down what’s driving the surge.

” data-duration=”02: 46″ data-editable=”settings” data-headline=”‘Worse than we anticipated:’ CNN reporter breaks down inflation data” data-index=”idx-12″ data-show-name=”Newsroom” data-show-url=”https://www.cnn.com/shows/newsroom” data-source=”CNNBusiness” data-uri=”archive.cms.cnn.com/_components/video-resource/instances/h_5e4822f9a62b22c580b0e66fb8acbf68″ data-video-id=”business/2022/07/13/inflation-consumer-price-index-june-vpx.cnnbusiness” data-video-instance=”archive.cms.cnn.com/_components/video-resource/instances/h_5e4822f9a62b22c580b0e66fb8acbf68″>

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‘Worse than we anticipated:’ CNN reporter breaks down inflation data

William Shatner joins CNN’s Anderson Cooper to react to newly-released NASA images and discuss the questions and answers the new photos raise.

” data-duration=”02: 33″ data-editable=”settings” data-headline=”Anderson Cooper and William Shatner flip out over new NASA images” data-index=”idx-13″ data-show-name=”Anderson Cooper 360″ data-show-url=”https://www.cnn.com/shows/ac-360″ data-source=”CNN” data-uri=”archive.cms.cnn.com/_components/video-resource/instances/h_4cb101d5052108790aae1b308212e054″ data-video-id=”business/2022/07/14/nasa-images-space-universe-william-shatner-anderson-cooper-ac360-vpx.cnn” data-video-instance=”archive.cms.cnn.com/_components/video-resource/instances/h_4cb101d5052108790aae1b308212e054″>

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Anderson Cooper and William Shatner flip out over new NASA pictures

Is a recession inevitable? Inflation and gas prices are up and stocks just posted their worst first-half in more than half a century. CNN Business Senior Editor Allison Morrow joins “Nightcap’s” Jon Sarlin to discuss what investors and analysts are predicting for the second half of 2022. To get the day’s business headlines sent directly to your inbox, sign up for the Nightcap newsletter.

” data-duration=”01: 39″ data-editable=”settings” data-headline=”Recession is likely coming. How bad will it be?” data-index=”idx-14″ data-show-name=”” data-show-url=”” data-source=”CNN Business” data-uri=”archive.cms.cnn.com/_components/video-resource/instances/h_5617fab71b1607b1cec2cb78277bf294″ data-video-id=”business/2022/07/07/nightcap-economic-recession-clip-orig.cnn-business” data-video-instance=”archive.cms.cnn.com/_components/video-resource/instances/h_5617fab71b1607b1cec2cb78277bf294″>

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Recession is probably going coming. How wicked will it be?

CNN’s Gabe Cohen reports on the increasing cost of child care across the US as inflation and teacher shortages force daycares to raise rates.

” data-duration=”03: 00″ data-editable=”settings” data-headline=”Child care costs are rising. See how parents are coping” data-index=”idx-15″ data-show-name=”” data-show-url=”” data-source=”CNN” data-uri=”archive.cms.cnn.com/_components/video-resource/instances/h_3b7142b977fdf1204bfd8fbbfe57ae89″ data-video-id=”business/2022/07/06/child-care-inflation-cohen-pkg-newday-vpx.cnn” data-video-instance=”archive.cms.cnn.com/_components/video-resource/instances/h_3b7142b977fdf1204bfd8fbbfe57ae89″>


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Child care charges are rising. Look how parents are coping

CNN Exchange

US telecom services will now be required to dam thousands and thousands of unlawful robocalls a day selling prolonged car warranties, the Federal Communications Rate acknowledged Thursday, taking map at a group of contributors accused of sending bigger than 8 billion such messages since 2018.

Thursday’s account for by the FCC requires explain services to halt carrying calls the agency has linked to 13 contributors and six companies, largely primarily based entirely in Texas and California but additionally in such a long way-flung areas as Hungary.

The robocalls produced by the group veritably originate with recorded strains comparable to, “We’ve been looking to achieve you relating your car’s prolonged guarantee,” the FCC account for acknowledged.

Such calls represented the single largest source of user complaints to the FCC in each and each of the past two years, adding up to thousands of complaints a year.

As phase of its plan, the group offered receive entry to to virtually half of 1,000,000 phone numbers from bigger than 200 set codes in the fall and winter of 2020, the FCC acknowledged, after which used them to kind it seem to recipients that the robocalls were coming from local numbers.

The group is level-headed blasting out thousands and thousands of unlawful calls each day, the FCC added.

Even though the FCC had previously notified US telecom companies about the robocalls, Thursday’s account for is the first to power carriers to halt transmitting them. By unmasking the categorical people and entities on the motivate of the calls, the FCC has offered the mandatory data to dam them, acknowledged Performing FCC Enforcement Bureau Chief Loyaan Egal in a assertion.

With few exceptions, computerized calls made with out the recipient’s consent are unlawful under US law.

In gentle of Thursday’s account for, telecom companies that continue to assemble the unlawful calls might perchance be held liable themselves, the FCC acknowledged.